Social Sail – 7 April 2019

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On Sunday, 7th April, Hampton Sailing Club had its final Social Sail for the year. What was looking like a challenging day of 15 (gusting to 20) knot winds died down after midday to a low of 5 knots from the South. After a 1:10 briefing all boats were encouraged to take to the water as soon a able to make the most of the day. We sailed down towards Black Rock Yacht Club (BRYC) with the initial aim to reach Ricketts Point before turning for home. The winds slowly decreased in speed and become very localised with most boats making it down to the Cerberus wreck in about 1.5 hours. A couple of boats turned back earlier and a couple sailed a couple of nautical miles further south of BRYC. As the boats neared the break water an evident shift in the wind occurred, a much stronger northerly wind picked up to speed the boats home. Once ashore a plentiful BBQ was enjoyed by all HSC members. All participants thoroughly enjoyed the day and we look forward to Social Sails continuing next year with more participants.  

To find more pictures from the day see the gallery here.

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