Wine Tasting Night

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And finally…love some wine?
We are canvassing interest in a March wine tasting event.
To keep the cost down and not a barrier I propose to host this myself, bringing a selection of wines with tasting notes and cheese platters.
We could do blind tastings if that is popular.
The wines will range from $10 to $40.
So that club funds are not wasted I propose to make this a ticketed event. 
Members and guests would need to buy a ticket during February. I would charge $40 with $20 be refunded on the night.
That way the costs will be covered and the attendance assured.
Where there is wine left over I would propose attendees can take home a bit of their favorite.
So that people can still participate and elect to drive home I will be organising small tasting cups.
Please send me your feedback.
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